FONO is the association for Norwegian independent record companies.

In 2010 FONO celebrated its 30th anniversary. As Europe's oldest organization for independent record companies, FONO has been working, almost a generation, for better terms for Norwegian music in general and for Norwegian music production in particular.

Annually more than 600 Norwegian albums are released. Nearly 90% by independent companies, and FONO is the link between, and the spokesman for more than 100 of these independent record companies.

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Every musical genre are represented by FONO's members. Whether the company's main business is in Lapp-rock, heavy metal of the heaviest kind, Gregorian church music, or pure pop, FONO are their common denominator.
Every one of these record companies have long ago realised that, despite differences in musical preferences, geographical location and ideologics, there is far more uniting them – through FONO – than separates them.

Whether you need help with copyright issues, contract law, relationships with broadcasting companies, music providers via alternative networks, contact with the authorities, the political parties and ministries, campaigns for increased use of Norwegian music, complicated indemnity issues, or help with export of Norwegian music, Fono can offer assistance.

On these pages you can find more information about who we are, what we do, and what kind of music represent.